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What Our Clients Say....

"Donna and her amazing team of doulas were there for us when we needed the support most and my family would not be where we are today without them"


Providing exceptional care and support is our number one priority. See what our Clients have to say about us below!


Los Angeles, CA

We were first-time parents, and having Ana those first few months was a lifesaver. It wasn’t just that she took phenomenal care of our baby, she also taught us how to care for him, guiding us through giving him his first bath, teaching us how best to burp him, swaddle and soothe him, and introducing us to the electric shusher, which is now our go-to gift for our friends when they become parents.


Los Angeles, CA

As first-time parents of twin babies, we were overwhelmed with caring for our sons and desperately needed a trustworthy person to handle the overnight shift. Marisa spent 3 weeks with our family and was just that. Her calm demeanor put us at ease. We've never had anyone work in our house overnight but we trusted Marisa with the safety of our babies and our home.


Luke Family 
Orange County, CA

We initially hired Melissa to be our postpartum doula with the goal of some guaranteed sleep, but the value she brought to our family far surpassed our expectations. Her natural ability to care for and soothe babies, her profound depth of knowledge and experience, and her willingness to educate and answer any questions was evident from the start.


Orange County, CA

Vanessa is a gift to her clients and their babies.  As a former manager of a customer service organization, all I can say is that Vanessa has found the perfect career.  She is a kind and caring person and she is passionate about what she does.  She makes the perfect doula.

Orange County, CA

Donna was an incredible resource in a time where I was truly wondering if we would ever get the kind of help and care we needed with our newborn baby girl. Donna put us in touch with doula Ashley Narloch who truly felt like Mary Poppins. She came to our home with such kindness, warmth and positivity — she was so understanding about our previous experiences and most importantly came to us with a plan for how to get our baby girl to sleep through the night so that we could thrive as a family. Every night Ashley came she would meet with us to discuss the day — how it went, how many naps, challenges etc. and would give us feedback on what we might want to do differently or what was working great. She helped explain to us that the day impacted the night and the consistency during the day was critical. She then would send us notes every morning when she left of exactly what happened that night — how many times our daughter woke up, what soothing techniques she tried, how much she fed and for how long, if she was fussing etc. we felt so at ease knowing all those details and it helped create a guide for us for what to look for and how we were progressing. By the end of her time with us we truly felt like Ashley was family. She is the most thoughtful and loving person and we are beyond lucky to have had her with our family! To top it all off she got our daughter sleeping through the night at 8.5 weeks!!

Los Angeles, CA

The doulas at Newborn Nurtury are incredibly kind, patient, and warm. I also appreciated that everyone we worked with was extremely professional. Lisa and Lanny both always arrived exactly on time, and they kept everything neat and clean in our home (even sometimes very kindly washing dishes for us, which was quite a treat!) The morning after I always would promptly receive a text message summarizing our son’s evening, with notes and suggestions for us. I will always be grateful for the support we received from Donna, Lisa, and Lanny.

Los Angeles, CA

Elda LOVES babies.  It is so much more than a job for her.   She gave T the best possible care.  She made me feel supported as a mother.  She has a very natural and gentle approach, which is very much in sync with my own parenting philosophy.  She was great with my toddler as well.  She gave him plenty of attention and love and made him feel included.  Elda is a very special person, a beautiful and kind woman.  She became a part of our family over the months, and I am forever grateful for her for taking such incredible care of T and helping me be a better mother.

Los Angeles, CA

In addition to taking beautiful care of my baby, she also took incredible care of me, answering all of my new parent questions, assuaging my occasional concerns, teaching me how to pump (something I went into reluctantly, but – as Rhonda reassured me – is actually quite manageable, and even gratifying), and making sure I was getting the nourishment I needed to nourish my little one. Most telling, I slept amazingly when Rhonda was here. Before I brought my baby home from the hospital, I didn’t think I would be able to part ways with her – and leave her with a stranger, even if an extremely warm and capable one! – while we slept. When Rhonda walked through my door that first night, those feelings vanished.

Santa Monica, CA

I can honestly say that contacting Newborn Nurtury was the greatest thing we could have ever done for our family. As first time parents, by the time our daughter was 8 weeks old we were sleep deprived and I hit some "baby blues". The Newborn Nurtury swooped in and sent us an angel, Doola Clara. Clara came at night for a few days a week for a few weeks to give us the chance to rest. She was so incredibly kind and loving, to our daughter and to us. We could not recommend this service, or Clara, or Donna, or the whole Agency, more highly. They gave us the gift of feeling so supported right when we needed it most. It was a privilege and a blessing.

Hannah C.
Salem, NH

I wish I could give more than 5 stars. I used Donna, one of the postpartum Doulas. She will transform your newborn experience and she changed the life of our family. Donna took an hour of her time to get back to me immediately and just help me out over the phone because she CARES. She taught my husband and me so much and made our sweet little girl so happy. She trained our nanny, who loves her as well. Donna is amazing, and my only regret is that I did not ask for her help sooner!

Orange County, CA

Ana set us up for success. The early weeks were intense, with lots of learning and adjustment. While we tried our best to prepare for his arrival, some learning just has to happen on the job and it was a tremendous comfort to have a professional baby whisperer on our team....When the thing we needed most was rest, she let us sleep. When we were (relatively) rested and the thing we wanted most was to know how to handle our baby’s crying or discomfort, we watched her work and tried to learn her magic moves so we could copy them when we were without her.

Orange County, CA

Cami saved us! She is an angel and will forever be part of our family. She was with us from basically the time I brought our premature twin boys home through when they were 5 months old. She even helped me when I was in a bind and needed daytime childcare as we prepared to move. Cami was nurturing and gentle and helped me and my husband as much as she helped our boys. She provided guidance in a comforting and loving way and gave me the confidence I needed to become a mother to two babies at once. I can’t say enough good things about Cami and would recommend her to anyone. And her food is just delicious! She would be a blessing to your life and your home.

Shah Family
Orange County, CA

The doulas at Newborn Nurtury have been a lifesaver for our family! I found Newborn Nurtury online at 2 am when our baby girl was five weeks old. I was in tears as our baby simply couldn't stay asleep consistently at night for more than an hour or two. For nights when my husband worked overnight shifts at the hospital, I felt so alone and I knew I needed some help. I called Donna the following day and she was incredibly sweet and helpful, understanding our situation and that I'd only need a doula on nights when my husband worked overnight shifts. She put us in touch with Clara, an amazing doula who connected immediately with our baby girl and helped her become better at sleeping through the night. Clara would write detailed notes for me on when our baby ate, needed a diaper change, woke up, fell back asleep, etc. so I could track her progress as the weeks progressed. Clara had helpful tips on how to resolve her gas issues, as that was a frequent source of discomfort for our baby and the reason she woke up frequently at night. Over the past four months we've also had the pleasure of having other incredible doulas: Virginia, Maxine, Vanessa, Maria, Erin, and Rhonda. Each has provided loving care to our daughter and relayed valuable tips and insights as she grows older. She is now almost 6 months old and sleeping 12 hours each night! I have deep gratitude to Donna, Clara, and the other wonderful doulas at Newborn Nurtury for that impressive feat. If you're struggling with getting your little one to sleep at night, I would wholeheartedly recommend Newborn Nurtury!

Los Angeles, CA

Marisa was our night nurse for a few weeks recently. She is amazing!! I give her all the credit for helping our baby start sleeping 10+ hours a night from 7 weeks old. She is incredibly professional, conscientious, hygienic, detail-oriented, and trustworthy. I was a little hesitant to book someone without meeting her in person but the moment she walked in the door I felt safe with her. She is so knowledgeable and gave us SO many helpful tips for our baby. I can’t say enough good things about her. She’s the perfect combination of consummate professional and trusted friend.

Los Angeles, CA

Vanessa is a rare doula who observes and tends to, the entire household. She knew instantly what to say and do to help calm my anxiety.....She helped me identify what was triggering my anxiety, assess whether it was something we could address in the moment or piecemeal. She also helped me understand when and how my anxiety was transferring to my baby. One of the best things she did for me, and my marriage, was to get me to talk openly about my anxiety. She helped my husband and me learn how to identify, process, and (eventually) stop my anxiety.

Jillian L.
Santa Monica, CA

We can't say enough great things about Donna and her doulas. Donna, AJ, Maureen, and Barbara could not have been more supportive, encouraging, and helpful as we transitioned to new parenthood. They were always available with a warm, caring smile and provided amazing service to help our new family of three adjust when we came home from the hospital. Any question we had, they had all the answers as well as many great suggestions on techniques, products, and more. We felt so comfortable having them in our home and with our baby in their care. Can't imagine having done this without them and would recommend them to any new mom and dad in a heartbeat!

Orange County, CA

This is a review for the postpartum doula services offered by Donna and her amazing team. I had a really great experience with them from start to finish. After working unsuccessfully with another service on postpartum doula support I called Donna and found her to be really well organized and supportive of my needs. I called with only a few weeks left before my due date and Donna managed to secure 2 amazing doulas to help out for 6 weeks after my delivery. As a first-time parent, I had pretty much no idea what I needed in terms of support, and Donna's suggestions in terms of how to structure the night/day support over the first 6 weeks turned out to be spot on.

Los Angeles
, CA

My husband and I are so glad that we found Maxine English. She’s been an absolute pro and lifesaver for us. The extra support she’s provided to our family has made all the difference as we navigated the challenging first couple of months being first time parents. We were a bit anxious at first, not wanting to trust our newborn baby girl to just anyone, but after interviewing Maxine and then seeing her care for our daughter we are so happy we found her. She has always been very attentive and reliable and we highly recommend Maxine to any family looking for support during those trying first few months.

Orange County, CA

Aside from the wonderful care and knowledge, Nancy also gave us confidence in ourselves as new  parents. She was our cheerleader through these early days. I know many first-time parents are scared  and even cry when their night support ends. Although we will miss Nancy so much, we feel that she set  us up for success by giving us all the tools we needed, for the newborn time and beyond. Our daughter  is a great sleeper, and any issues we encountered have been resolved through Nancy’s guidance. 

Melissa A.
Central LA, CA

Donna and her amazing team of doulas were there for us when we needed the support most and my family would not be where we are today without them. Roxana, Cassie, Melissa, and Donna were like our angels, teaching my husband and me everything about being first-time parents. All of the overwhelming aspects of those first few months, such as breastfeeding, feeding schedule, baby's sleeping patterns, developmental moments to be aware of, pumping schedules, etc. were all addressed by this amazing team of doulas.


Not only did they give us relief at night, but they gave us the tools necessary to allow us as parents and our baby to thrive. It was so comforting to get a knock at the door at 8 pm or 9 pm and see our amazing doula there, ready to support, assist and help us with any questions or concerns.


Roxana also supported our family during the day, and we lovingly refer to her as our "Saint Roxana". Our baby loved her so much and she really helped us get the hang of being a parent to an infant. When I think back on those first few months of motherhood, I smile from ear to ear, not only because of my sweet baby but because of the support and care we from Donna, Cassie, Roxana, and Melissa.

 Newport BeachCA

I am pleased to recommend Donna (or as we know her, Ms. D!) Ford as a doula and family caregiver. Donna joined our family support team in April 2021 and continues to be an invaluable resource and extension of our family. 

Donna is the consummate professional, passionate and serious about all aspects of her doula role while leading with empathy and her heart at all times. Donna has many other strengths. She knows how to flex to situations in real time, she is unflappable in the most emotional settings and because she has become an extension of our family, she never ceases to amaze me with the beautiful way she engages people of all backgrounds and ages no matter the setting. She is not afraid to take the initiative to learn what is important to her and goes out of her way to create an environment that aligns with the needs and wishes of those around her. 

My husband and I initially engaged with Donna to be our night doula for four months. We then extended her contract for almost two years on a regular full-time basis and we continue to engage with her to support our family for events and family gatherings. 

Donna is a gem for any family. She is a trusted partner and an exceptional resource for how to care for children (and parents!) of all ages. Any family who engages Donna for doula support will be fortunate to have her as an extension of their family. 

We only wish continued success for Donna in her doula career so should there be any questions or additional information needed related to our experiences with Donna as our doula; please do not hesitate to contact me directly.

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