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_Doula Working With Expecting Mother At Home_ by Stocksy Contributor _Raymond Forbes LLC_.


Support and Care in the Postpartum Period

The first few weeks and months at home with your newborn should be a joyful and special time, but the reality for most parents is that the mix of the unknowns of caring for a baby coupled with the challenges of recovering after birth can be overwhelming. 

It is the common goal of our Postpartum Doulas to empower every new parent by walking alongside them and offering support on an emotional, physical and educational level. There is no greater gift than to see our new parents embrace the joys of the fourth trimester.

You will be matched with an experienced and accredited Postpartum Doula or Newborn Care Specialist. All our Postpartum Doulas are certified in infant and pediatric CPR and trained in lactation. Additionally, many of our Doulas also have comprehensive knowledge in the arena of infant sleep and creating healthy infant sleep patterns. With both daytime and overnight visits available, no matter what your family's needs are, we can find the perfect match so that you can thrive, not just survive the postpartum period.

Postpartum Packages can include:

  • Comprehensive hands-on infant care

  • Hands-on baby care education

  • Establishing gentle sleep associations and rhythms for your baby

  • Providing the best remedies for soothing and calming a baby

  • Learning to recognize your baby’s individualized cues

  • Answering parenting questions and providing local resources

  • Assimilation of pets and siblings

  • Helping with the baby so mom can focus on self-care and find balance

  • Lactation support to ensure optimal breastfeeding experience

  • Demonstrating the best techniques for baby massage

  • Guidance with baby wearing and swaddling

  • Caring for multiples and unique situations

  • Managing the nursery - restock, organizational tips, registry assistance

  • Performing basic household tidying and light meal preparation

We customize all of our Postpartum Doula packages based on each family's unique need and requirements. Please contact us us to find out how we can help ease your transition into parenthood.

“All of the overwhelming aspects of those first few months, such as breastfeeding, feeding schedule, baby's sleeping patterns, developmental moments to be aware of, pumping schedules etc. were all addressed by this amazing team of doulas.”

- Melissa A.

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