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As the owner & director of Newborn Nurtury LLC, Donna Ford is an extraordinary resource for postpartum families.  Donna successfully connects new parents with the support and resources needed most.   A firm believer that every baby and family is unique, Donna’s customized approach is both respected and appreciated by clients throughout SoCal. A proud mother of two, Donna discovered her passion in the birth and postpartum industry following the birth of her son when she suffered a bit of postpartum depression resulting from extreme sleep deprivation and lack of confidence in dealing with her son’s sleep issues during his first year of life.  As a result of her struggles, she became passionate about wanting to support parents in-home with life’s most precious gift…their baby.  It is Donna’s goal to empower every new parent by walking alongside them and supporting them on an emotional, physical and educational level.  According to Donna, “you cannot put a price on the joy that comes from being an educated and confident new parent and it is my ultimate goal to see all my clients embrace this most miraculous time in their lives.”  Donna & her sisterhood of Doula’s share the same philosophy for all clients they support--“once a client, always a client…we are always here.”


Donna’s previous professional experience includes four years working at the Pump Station & Nurtury in Santa Monica as Director of Client Services managing a team of Postpartum Doulas.  Prior to that, she spent years as a paralegal and marketing executive with a degree from San Diego State University and UC Irvine.  Additionally, she spent a number of years tutoring foster children and counselling youth.   Donna’s love for newborns, however, began at the young age of 8 while working alongside her mother who spent years as an Infant Nurse taking care of babies in their home. She has always found her happiness by helping, serving and counselling others.   


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