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Customized Baby Care Service

Before your baby comes, you might have a lot of questions and want to prepare as much as you can. This ultimate private before-baby care class is personalized just for you! We cover everything you need to know about caring for your newborn, and yourself, including diapering, feeding, soothing your baby, and how to prepare for the postpartum journey.


Before Baby Visits Include:

  • Nursery set-up recommended products 

  • Hands-on baby care demonstrations

  • Soothing & calming baby techniques

  • Breastfeeding & and bottle-feeding instructions

  • Newborn day & night sleep protocol

Baby is home? Now what? In approximately a 3-5 hour visit, we will discuss a new parent self-care postpartum plan based on each family’s unique needs and requirements. Will discuss parent teamwork strategies and integration of siblings, family, nanny care, and pets for a smooth transition home. We will also discuss how each loved family member can bond with new baby/babies.

After Baby Visits Include:

  • Discussion with the client focused on postpartum recovery tips

  • How to make sure baby is eating enough 

  • Infant sleep tips & tricks that really work!

  • How to soothe & calm your crying baby

  • Guide on understanding baby's cues & how to best respond to their needs

  • Breastfeeding & bottle-feeding instructions & support

  • Parenting teamwork strategies & how to support each other

  • Discuss with parents AAP guidelines as they relate to products & infant safety standards

  • Hands-on demonstration of swaddling, diaper changing & infant massage

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