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  • How do I book a Doula or Postpartum Doula?
    Contact Us and let us know what type of support you are looking for (Birth, Postpartum, or a mixture of both) and any other important information. We’ll email or phone you back and discuss in-depth your needs and learn more about your family and what is important for you during this special time. We'll review your needs and requests and send you a match based on the information provided. You and your Doula will make contact and confirm that it is the perfect match! You’ll finalize the hiring process with your Doula (contracts, deposits, etc.). You can relax, knowing you have the help and support you need and deserve ready and waiting!
  • What qualifications are needed to be a Newborn Nurtury Doula or Postpartum Doula?
    Newborn Nurtury’s owner, Donna, personally meets and vets every Birth and Postpartum Doula before they join the Newborn Nurtury Team. Every member of the team has attended an accredited Newborn Care Specialist or a recognized Postpartum Doula Training, they are certified in Infant & Child CPR, have been background checked, have the required vaccinations, and have extensive experience working with infants. You can be confident that when you are matched with a Doula through Newborn Nurtury that you are receiving a highly trained, professional doula who has a passion to help families on an educational, emotional, and physical level.
  • What areas do you serve?
    We currently serve Los Angeles County, Orange County, and Riverside County, CA.
  • How much do services cost?
    Our matching service is entirely free to new and expecting parents! We match you and your family with Birth and Postpartum Doulas, Sleep or Lactation Specialists and all payments their services are paid directly to the individual providers. Our Postpartum Doula’s rates range between $39 and $45 an hour for singletons and $50 and $55 an hour for twins. Birth Doula rates range between $1,500 and $4500. Lactation Consultation rates range between $180 and $250 per visit (both virtual and in-person available) Sleep Coaching rates range between $350 and $500 Each individual Doula or Specialist sets their own rates. To ensure we find you the best match for your budget we will discuss your budget during our initial intake phone call or emails. When setting their rates our Doula and Specialist team take into consideration not only your family’s needs and the additional services like food preparation, belly binding, lactation support that they may offer but also their own skills and training, continuing education, life experiences, and expenses.
  • Do you have Covid-19 protocols in place?
    Yes. The safety and well-being of you, your family and our Doulas is of utmost importance to us so we have put in place as many protocols as possible to help protect everyone. You can learn more about them HERE.
  • How can a Postpartum Doula help me?
    A Postpartum Doula provides non-medical support in the important days and weeks following the birth of a child. This support is emotional and physical, as well as informational. And while a Postpartum Doula does help with the care of the infant, their primary focus is on the parents the family unit. The International Childbirth Education Association describes the role as “mothering the mother.” To find out more about what a Postpartum Doula Package could include click here and to discover why you should hire a Postpartum Doula click here.
  • Is a Postpartum Doula the same as a baby nurse?
    We get this question all the time! No, in simple terms, Postpartum Doulas and Newborn Care Specialists are not the same as “Baby Nurses”. Our Blog Post explains the differences between the three!
  • When should I hire a doula or postpartum doula?
    Simply, as soon as you find the right fit for your family! Personality match is one of the most important things to look for when hiring a Doula so when you find someone who you click with and who has the right training and expertise it can be a match made in heaven and you should book that Doula ASAP! To avoid disappointment booking in your second trimester is usually advised. A doula may book up months in advance and many parents book their doula before their first scan, while others hire someone at the very last minute although between 18-20 weeks is usually when people start their search. If you have found a Doula you like and think would be a great fit, be sure to book them ASAP to avoid disappointment!
  • I need help with sleep training, can my Postpartum Doula help?
    It depends. Many of our Postpartum Doula team are experienced with setting healthy sleep patterns for infants and can help with tips to maximize sleep and implement sleep routines, but every Doula has a different level of experience so it’s best to discuss this with your Doula match if that is something you will require. If you need specific sleep help with your baby contact us to find out more about our Sleep Consultant Services.
  • Can I get my Doula covered by insurance?
    Sometimes insurance will cover Doula or related services. Each insurance plan and company is different so it is best to check with them. FSA also covers some services.
  • I have more questions, can you answer them?
    Absolutely! Please Contact Us and we would be happy to answer any questions ou might have and discuss how we can help you!
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