• Donna Ford

Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Hire A Postpartum Doula

Updated: Oct 8

  1. The #1 reason you should hire a postpartum doula is… BECAUSE YOU DESERVE ONE! It’s the ultimate in self care!

  2. So you don’t feel judged while you learn to care for your newborn. A doula offers judgment free support allowing you to develop your “inner-mamma” peacefully, smoothly and at your own pace.

  3. To empower you as parents to make your own unique parenting choices. Your doula will discuss various parenting philosophies and options with you offering non-judgmental support you while you learn to care for your newborn.

  4. Because early breastfeeding can pose its challenges, having a doula by your side during frustrating or exhausted feedings can be extremely beneficial. Get all your answers to breast feeding, pumping and bottle feeding so you are confident that your little babe is thriving.

  5. So you can be nurtured while you nurture your newborn.

  6. So you and your partner can be taken care of emotionally, physically and educationally—your doula will walk alongside you to build the confidence and joy in your new parenthood journey.

  7. So you can be free of day-to-day household tasks in order to focus on bonding with your baby and your partner.

  8. For the most up to date information on products relating to babies. Your doula is an expert on all things “baby”, in spite of the ever-changing recommendations and product recalls.

  9. Doulas are trained to recognize the signs and symptoms of the postpartum baby blues and postpartum depression. Your doula can advise you of what is a “normal” part of your emotional recovery and what you might need some help with.

  10. So that you can allow yourself “real” sleep, knowing that a trained professional is caring for your baby while you rest and recover.

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