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Daylight Saving Time...Fall Back

Updated: Oct 8

I know some of you dread this time of year each year. I know I do! I don’t like it when it gets darker earlier. It makes me feel lazy and as the weather starts to get “colder” in Southern California, I just want to be inside when it gets dark.

Sometimes it is hard enough to be an adult and function effectively through this time change. If you add kids into the equation it can be dreadful. need to be stressed!

Your babies, toddlers, preschool and school-age children CAN easily adjust to this time change with a little bit of planning and forethought. If you follow these easy steps your little ones will have a seamless transition. You will need to start this transition 1 week prior to Daylight Saving so when the time actually does change, it will not be such a shock. If you are proactive, rather than struggling for a week or two due to the time change, you will continue on with bedtime routine and wake-ups without any issues. The first thing that you will want to do is start the bedtime routine 10 minutes later each night so that by night 6 your child will be ready for the time change. By the end of the week your baby will have already adjusted to the time change. Do yourself a favor and follow suit with your child (although chances are you won't do this and neither will

Baby Steps to an easier transition to Daylight Saving: Bedtime 7 pm (adjust according to your child):

  1. Monday night put child down at 7:10

  2. Tuesday night put child down at 7:20

  3. Wednesday night put child down at 7:30

  4. Thursday night put child down at 7:40

  5. Friday night put child down at 7:50

  6. Saturday night put child down at 8:00

Too many steps? Follow these 4 steps to make it happen quicker:

  1. On Wednesday put your little one down 15 minutes later (7:15)

  2. On Thursday put your little one down 15 minutes later again (7:30)

  3. On Friday put your little one down 15 minutes later again (7:45)

  4. On Saturday put your little one down 15 minutes later again (8:00)

Although this transition can happen in just 2 nights, sometimes it is too much to do all at once. I do recommend the first suggestion, but give it a try if you are running out of time.

*if you don’t already have blackout blinds or shades I highly recommend this for early morning wake-ups as the sun will be more prominent in the morning.

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