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Ten Reasons Why Doulas Help Lower the Risk of PostpartumDepression

Updated: Oct 12, 2023

Approximately 15% of births lead to postpartum depression. This can be attributed to the hormonal, physical, emotional, financial, and social changes after having or adopting a baby. If not addressed early on, these changes can escalate. Parents who receive Postpartum Doula support are far less likely to suffer from mood disorders and are happier with their overall birth and postpartum experience.

A Postpartum Doula ensures that you have a judgment-free professional by your side. A dedicated person to help you emotionally and physically, as well as provide you with resourceful, actionable advice.

1. The #1 reason you should hire a postpartum doula is…because you DESERVE one! It’s the pinnacle of self-care during a life-changing time.

2. Having a doula will empower you as parents to make choices you feel good about. Your doula will discuss various parenting philosophies and options with you, providing you with evidence-based information, as you learn to care for your newborn.

3. Early breastfeeding can pose challenges. Having a doula by your side during frustrating or exhausting feedings can be extremely beneficial. They will provide answers to all your spontaneous questions about breastfeeding, pumping, and bottle-feeding. This allows you to be more confident that your little babe is thriving.

4. This is a big life change…probably the biggest one you’ve experienced thus far! Having expert support around you will ensure you’re at your best. As doulas, we believe wholeheartedly that mamas need to be nurtured so they can, in turn, nurture their little ones.

5. Doula support ensures that you are taken care of emotionally and physically. Your doula will make sure you stay hydrated, make you nutritious snacks, and help find harmony in your

new parenthood journey.

6. Having doula support allows you to get “real” and “deep” sleep. Knowing that a trained professional is caring for your baby while you rest, and recover is priceless. Proper sleep and rest promote a smooth transition into parenthood.

7. Hiring a postpartum doula can go a long way in getting Mama a huge head start as well as preventing feelings of loneliness, uncertainty, and inadequacy.

8. Your doula is an expert on all things “baby”. Despite the ever-changing recommendations and product recalls, your doula will always have the most up-to-date information on baby-related products.

9. Doulas are trained to recognize the signs and symptoms of postpartum baby blues and postpartum depression. Your doula can help you identify what is a “normal” part of your emotional recovery and when it may be time to call in other experts to support you.

10. She will spend time creating your day and night support plan to help you with an easy transition into parenthood. She will also help you implement a healthy self-care plan. This allows you to focus on bonding with your baby and your partner. Most parents say that it goes by “So quickly!” A doula makes certain that you maximize this precious time.

Postpartum Doulas are the key to the success of your new parenthood journey. In addition to providing you with optimal sleep, hydration, and care, they make this daunting life milestone just a bit less scary. Your doula will guide you and your budding family toward becoming pros in parenthood!

Please reach out to Donna Ford of Newborn Nurtury (,

Insta: Newborn_Nurtury

Tel: (714.747.5097) to inquire about day and overnight support for your family.

As quoted from Donna and her Doula Sisterhood, “Hiring a postpartum doula is the best gift you can give yourselves.”

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